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Division of Protection and permanency SOPs


Protection and Permanency Transmittal Letters (2004)

  • PPTL 04-01 1/7/04 7G Aftercare Planning Standards of Practice (SOP)

  • PPTL 04-02 1/27/04 7E.1 Placement Considerations, 7E.1.1 Process Overview-Initial Actions After Custody/Commitment Standards of Practice (SOP), Placement Decision Making Matrix and Siblings Tip Sheet

  • PPTL 04-03 1/27/04 7E.2 Changes in Placement, 7E.2.1 Process Overview for Placement Changes Standards of Practice (SOP) and Placement Stability Tip Sheet

  • PPTL 04-04 1/27/04 7E.3.3 Ongoing Contact with the Family, 7E.3.4 Ongoing Contact with the Child Standards of Practice (SOP) and Visitation Tip Sheets

  • PPTL 04-05 3/1/04 New SOPs and SOP revisions to Chapter 7C Case Planning - Child Protective Services and Tip Sheet Promoting Family Team Meeting (FTM)

  • PPTL 04-06 3/1/04 Revisions to SOP 3.0 - Family Preparation Introduction

  • PPTL 04-07 3/8/04 Revisions to SOP 1.4.1 – CQI Case Review System

  • PPTL 04-08 3/10/04 Revisions to Chapter 2 - Adoptions regarding new Adoption Technology, Adoption Matching and the Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP)

  • PPTL 04-09 3/15/04 New SOPs added to Chapter 7E - CPS Ongoing OOHC regarding Maintaining Parent-Child Attachment, Involvement of Fathers and Paternal Family Members and Tip Sheets Promoting Attachment Concerns

  • PPTL 04-10 4/7/04 New SOP 2.5.1(A) - Denial of Adoption Assistance 

  • PPTL 04-11 4/13/04 Revisions to SOPs in Chapter 2 – Adoptions regarding Lifebooks and new Tip Sheet for Developing and Maintaining Lifebooks

  • PPTL 04-12 4/20/04 Revisions to SOPs in Chapters, 2–Adoption, 7C–CPS Case Planning and 7E–CPS OOHC regarding Support Services and new Tip Sheet for Providing Support Services

  • PPTL 04-13  4/23/04 New SOP 7C.3.1 - Use of Genogram/Family Tree added to Chapter 7C - CPS Case Planning and Tip Sheet for Genogram/Family Tree

  • PPTL 04-14  5/11/04 Revisions to SOP 7E.1.14-Visitation, Visitation Checklist/Summary and new Tip Sheet for Visitation between Parents and Children

  • PPTL 04-15  5/12/04 New SOPs added to Chapter 1 – General Task regarding grant services and eligibility for the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG)

  • PPTL 04-16 5/24/04 New SOP added to Chapter 2–Adoption regarding Post Finalization Crisis Stabilization

  • PPTL 04-17 5/25/04 New/revised SOP added to Chapter 7C– CPS Case Planning regarding Utilization of the Prevention Plan

  • PPTL 04-18 5/28/04 Revisions to SOP 7E.1-Initial Placement Considerations and new Tip Sheet for Relative Placement

  • PPTL 04-19 6/16/04 Revised Chapter 3-Family Preparation

  • PPTL 04-20 6/16/04 Revised Chapter 1- General Task, SOP 1.4.10-Service Complaints and 1.5-Services Appeals. Additionally, SOP 1.5.1-CAPTA Service Appeals has been added to Chapter 1-General Task

  • PPTL 04-21 6/17/04 Revisions to SOP 2.5-Adoption Assistance

  • PPTL 04-22 6/18/04 Revisions to SOPs in Chapter 7A – CPS Intake based on revisions to Administrative Regulation 922 KAR 1:330 Child Protective Services

  • PPTL 04-23 6/18/04 New/revised SOP added to Chapter 7B – CPS Investigation based on revisions to Administrative Regulation 922 KAR 1:330 Child Protective Services and new CAPTA requirements

  • PPTL 04-24 7/6/04 New SOP added to Chapter 1—General Tasks: Case Transfer and Onsite Provision of Services

  • PPTL 04-25 8/23/04 SOP Revisions to Chapter 1—General Tasks: Targeted Case Management (TCM), Open Records, and Documentation

  • PPTL 04-26 8/31/04 Revised SOP added to Chapter 7H – CPS Child Fatality or Near Fatality

  • PPTL 04-27 9/17/04 Revisions to Chapter 2, Adoptions including Annual Permanency Reviews, Confidentiality of Records and Family Team Meetings

  • PPTL 04-28 10/1/04 Revisions to Chapter 3—Family Preparation, Respite Care

  • PPTL 04-29 10/12/04 Revisions to SOP 7C.7.1(A)-Consideration/Implementation of Concurrent Planning for Permanency

  • PPTL 04-30 11/15/04 Revisions to Chapter 7B-CPS Investigations

  • PPTL 04-31 11/24/04 Revisions to SOPs regarding exemptions or modifications to monthly ongoing visits with a family in cases where the goal is PPLA or Emancipation.

  • PPTL 04-32 12/9/04 Revisions to Chapter 3—Family Preparation





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