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Sec.  1:

Administration of Kentucky's IV-D Program  

Sec.  2:

Intake/Case Assessment

Sec.  3:

Case Types 

Sec.  4:

Good Cause

Sec.  5:

Alleged Fraud

Sec.  6:

Confidentiality and Safeguarding of Records

Sec.  7:

State Parent Locator Services

Sec.  8:


Sec.  9:


Sec. 10:

Payee Conversion

Sec. 11:

Central Registry

Sec. 12:

Out of Home Care

Sec. 13:


Sec. 14:


Sec. 15:

Review and Modification

Sec. 16:


Sec. 17:

Administrative Hearings

Sec. 18:

Arrearage Calculations

Sec. 19:

Non IV-D

Sec. 20:

Medical Support

Sec. 21:

Case Management
Sec. 22 Case Closure






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The Business Intelligence and Child Support Workspace manuals have been moved to the Helpful Links section of the Policy and Procedures Manual. 


 Kentucky child support handbook

Welcome to the Cabinet for Health and Family Services' (CHFS), Department for Income Support (DIS), Child Support Enforcement (CSE) Web Page.  CHFS recognizes that children are our greatest natural resource, that individuals and their families are the most critical component of a strong society and that each must be afforded a safe, secure and nurturing environment.


The Child Support Enforcement Program's mission is to provide leadership in protecting and promoting the well being, self sufficiency and independence of Kentuckians through partnerships with others in the delivery of comprehensive family services.


We hope the addition of on-line manuals to the CSE Web Page will be beneficial to you in your pursuit of promoting family stability and reducing the public's responsibility for supporting financially abandoned children.


Child Support Documents arranged chronologically:


Child Support Materials arranged numerically:

  • Kentucky Child Support Handbook - Click on any of the Handbook Sections listed in the left margin of each page.  

  • KASES Systems Guide


NOTE: The Child Support Enforcement Program makes every effort to ensure that the policy documents made available on this site are accurate, complete and represent current CSE policy. 





CFC Online Manuals



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Kentucky Child Support Handbook